Professional Driving Lessons In Blanchardstown

Driving Lessons MeathI am 26 years old and, due to life getting in the way, am just now attempting to learn how to drive and get my drivers license. I am no longer content to rely on public transportation and need my own car to get to and from work.
Being that I am a little older than the typical teenagers learning to drive, I decided to seek out the best driving lessons Blanchardstown that I could find.

I contacted a school of motoring, told them of my desire to finally learn how to drive, as well as my apprehension and driving fears, and scheduled two in-depth, one-on-one driving lessons as well as a pre-test practice driving test to make sure that I am able to pass my driving test without any problems.

I just need to say that the lessons I received from the School of Motoring were absolutely fantastic. The instructor was very kind and helpful, and I learned so much. I was taught how to drive manual transmission, which is something I feared I would not be able to do, and, with just the two on-street driving lessons, was able to dramatically boost my confidence and hone my driving abilities.

The pre-test that I signed up for was well worth the price, as my instructor outlined everything that I need to be able to do to pass my official driving test. By passing the pre-test with no problem, I now feel completely confident that I will be able to pass my driving test with no problem. Well I have feared driving on the road for a long time, those fears are now gone.

I should be a licensed driver shortly; I am going to take my driving test next week. I recommend driving lessons Blanchardstown for anyway who is learning to drive or feeling nervous about taking a driving test.

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